We all have a good idea of what Personal Training is, but have you ever experienced the Clinical Personal Training Labrador difference?

Clinical Personal Training Labrador is a service overseen by your own University Degree Qualified and Accredited Exercise Scientist. From your initial consultation, and throughout your Clinical Personal Training, your Accredited Exercise Scientist will be right there beside you keeping you on track to your goals. We offer it in our private Clinical Personal Training Studio or in your home, office, or local park.

We ensure all of our valued clients receive the highest quality care and guidance along their journey. We partner with expert physiotherapist Nik Taneja who has worked with people just like you and me, as well as professional sporting teams. As part of your Clinical Personal Training experience, Nik will provide a full body assessment, highlighting any areas we may need to work on to ensure your 100% physical health.

Accredited Exercise Scientist-led Clinical Personal Training is a premium personal health and fitness service. A service for the individual who wants to put their long-term health in the hands of one of the most highly trained, skilled, experienced and professional personal training service provider.