Does participating in a program, a program that is a true group-personal training experience, a program designed to address your specific wellness goals, a program that is conducted in a private gym studio, a program designed and led by an expert guidance of an Accredited Exercise Scientist with more than 15 years of industry experience sound perfect to you? Of course it does, and Elite Bootcamp Labrador is the perfect program for you.

Elite Bootcamp Labrador is a premium group fitness service designed and led by accredited exercise scientists. We provide a Bootcamp for those who are looking for a premium group training service that blows away the competition, but most importantly, value their long-term health.

Elite Bootcamp Labrador is an intensive, client-focused, small-group environment, with a maximum session size of just 8 people. We take Bootcamp to the next level: providing an encouraging environment where our valued clients are appropriately challenged, work together in like-sessions, and uniquely have the opportunity to work on goals individual to them. A true group personal training experience.

So, if you are looking for a true group-personal training experience, then you must join Elite Bootcamp Labrador. We challenge you to find a more comprehensive program than our Elite Bootcamp Labrador. A Bootcamp that is appropriately designed to suit your ongoing fitness levels. A Bootcamp targeted to your individual goals. A small group personal training experience. That is what you’ll find with our Accredited Exercise Scientist-led Elite Bootcamp.

We are so confident that our Bootcamp will exceed your wildest expectations, we offer a FREE 14-DAY TRIAL. To claim your FREE 14-DAY TRIAL simply call me directly 0414750083  to schedule your consult/goal setting appointment.

We at In Motion Health and Fitness look forward to seeing you achieve your personal health and fitness goals.